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Spanish Central Bank Thinks it is Urgent to Adopt Measures in the Face of the Growth of the Cryptocurrencies

In the face of the growing interest of small investors and the risks associated with the cryptocurrencies, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Spain, Javier Alonso, thinks it is urgent that the supervising authorities adopt adequate measures that would regulate the cryptocurrency sector in Spain. According to the information published by local media, the […]

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Bank of Japan Thinks the Central Banks Should Pay Attention to the Technological Innovation

A FinTech conference with participants such as the Bank of Japan, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Services Agency (FSC) of Japan was held recently in Tokyo. In regards to this event, Masayoshi Amamiya, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan, published a document called “Central Banking in the Digital Age” in […]

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The Town of Lafayette in the United States of America Could Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

Joel Robideaux, the mayor-president of the town of Lafayette in the US state of Louisiana, announced the plans to create and launch a local cryptocurrency, a tool that would boost the technological development of the governmental platforms and the third-party investments in the town. According to local media sources, Robideaux presented the proposal during the […]

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European Union Proposes an Amendment to Avoid the Use of Cryptocurrencies For Illegal Activities

On April 12th, commissioners from the European Parliament presented a proposal for an amendment to include the cryptocurrencies in the regulation of the financial system of the European Union with the goal of preventing the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. The amendment proposes to amplify the reach of the regulators and the obligations of the participants […]

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Various Types of Frauds are Affecting Cryptocurrency Investors on a Global Level

Owners of cryptocurrencies are exposed to different types of frauds. According to recent information published by the media, numerous cases of fraud related to the cryptocurrency sector were reported in the United States of America, Vietnam, Canada and the Philippines. The affected people were tricked after they invested money in fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs) […]

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Taiwan and Australia Take Measures to Avoid Money Laundering With Cryptocurrencies

Regulatory entities in Taiwan and Australia recently announced the introduction of new measures to control the money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the cyber crimes related to the use of cryptocurrencies. In Australia, the measures consist in the application of a law that involves the cryptocurrency exchanges, while Taiwan is preparing a regulatory project […]

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Texas State Securities Board Warns About Fraudulent Advisors for Investments in Cryptocurrencies

According to the Texas State Securities Board, a large number of promoters and advisors for cryptocurrency investments on the territory of Texas could be frauds. The board published a report on 14 pages in which it says that none out of 32 advisors for cryptocurrency investments investigated during one month was licensed by the government […]