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Pigzbe is a Blockchain Project That Allows Children to Play and Learn About the Cryptocurrencies

The blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies are here to stay and more and more users decide to join this growing sector of financial innovations. Even the little ones are starting to familiarize themselves with the cryptocurrency world, which led to the appearance of initiatives whose goal is to explain to the kids what the blockchain […]

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Various Types of Frauds are Affecting Cryptocurrency Investors on a Global Level

Owners of cryptocurrencies are exposed to different types of frauds. According to recent information published by the media, numerous cases of fraud related to the cryptocurrency sector were reported in the United States of America, Vietnam, Canada and the Philippines. The affected people were tricked after they invested money in fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs) […]

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Multi Million Fund for Financing of Blockchain is Created in China and it is Backed up by the Chinese Government

A new fund for financing innovative tech companies was created in China with the support of the Chinese government. The fund is called the Xiong’An Global Blockchain Innovation Fund and its creation was announced during the inauguration of the Blockchain Industrial Park in Hangzhou. This city is known for supporting innovative companies, among which we […]

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Monero Bifurcates its Network to Prevent Centralization With ASIC Miners

The development team of Monero integrated a bifurcation in the Monero blockchain network with the goal of preventing the use of specialized ASIC mining hardware to mine the cryptocurrency. The network was slowed down significantly. This was caused by the drop of the hashrate, but the development team says everything will return to normal after […]

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14% of the Young Japanese Workers Invest in Cryptocurrencies

The Japanese cryptocurrency market is beginning to show some interesting results after young workers in the country were surveyed. R25 is a Japanese research institute that organized the survey about the possession of digital money among young workers in the country. The company surveyed 4,374 Japanese office workers between 25 and 30 years old. According […]

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Cryptocurrencies do Not Present a Threat For the Economy of the United States of America, According to the Federal Reserve

During a conference held in New York this week, Lael Brainard, a member of the United States Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, said the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could not be treated as a threat for the stability of the US economy, even though they present numerous risks for the individual investors. During her speech, […]

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Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation Published Guidelines For Organizing a Licensed ICO Campaign

Russia continues its journey on the path to regulating the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology and the emission of cryptocurrencies. Now, the Ministry of –°ommunications and Mass Media (Minkomsvyaz) of the Russian Federation, published a draft containing regulatory guidelines for launching initial coin offerings (ICOs) and emitting cryptocurrencies in the country. The document is available on […]

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Drop of the Cryptocurrency Market Leads to The Closure of Nine Investment Funds

During 2017 the enormous growth of the cryptocurrency market created euphoria and curiosity among numerous investors that had not been interested in the cryptocurrencies before. This caused a proliferation of hedge funds whose objective was to facilitate the investments on the cryptocurrency market. After the strong decline of the prices on the cryptocurrency market seen […]

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Cryptocurrencies are One of the Priorities of the Chinese Central Bank Because They Present a Risk to the Yuan

The People’s Bank of China (PBC), the Chinese central bank, said the cryptocurrencies were among its top priorities this year when it comes to protecting the yuan. During a conference that took place yesterday, the Vice Governor of the PBC, Fan Yifei, said the financial regulatory institution had three priorities on the agenda when it […]