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Walmart Applies a Patent Based on the Blockchain Technology in Order to Optimize the Online Purchase of Products

Walmart registered a patent for online purchase and payment of products using the blockchain technology. The document presented to the United States Patent and Trademark Office defines diverse methods that the shoppers can use to purchase products from Walmart, both in-person at the store or online. In particular, when making purchases online, the possibilities for […]

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South Korea Imposes Stricter Measures For the Importation of Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

The miners of cryptocurrencies in South Korea could face difficulties when importing mining equipment after the government of South Korea introduced a resolution related to the entry of this type of equipment into the country. This week, the Korea Customs Service (KCS) included the cryptocurrency mining equipment manufactured abroad on the list of items that […]

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Dow Jones forms a Partnership With Brave Web Browser, the Price of BAT Increases More Than 40%

Dow Jones Media Group announced yesterday a partnership with Brave, an open code web browser capable of blocking ads. Dow Jones Media Group will distribute premium content through Brave. Moreover, the two companies will collaborate and test the blockchain technology behind the Basic Attention Token (BAT) for publishing and advertising purposes. Immediately after the announcement, […]

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Bank of Japan Thinks the Central Banks Should Pay Attention to the Technological Innovation

A FinTech conference with participants such as the Bank of Japan, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Services Agency (FSC) of Japan was held recently in Tokyo. In regards to this event, Masayoshi Amamiya, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan, published a document called “Central Banking in the Digital Age” in […]

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NCC Group Launches a Collaborative Project to Analyze Vulnerabilities of the Smart Contracts

NCC Group developed an evaluation system for the smart contracts technology. The project is called Decentralized Application Security Project (DASP) and it will allow the group to perform an online analysis of at least 10 aspects that could present vulnerabilities in a particular blockchain network. The DASP project is described as open and collaborative whose […]

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Austin Develops a Pilot Blockchain Project to Identify the Homeless Population in the City

The city of Austin in the US state of Texas is developing a pilot project that uses the blockchain technology to collect and manage the identity information of the homeless population living in the city. The capital of Texas is developing this project as part of the Mayors Challenge 2018 organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The […]

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The Town of Lafayette in the United States of America Could Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

Joel Robideaux, the mayor-president of the town of Lafayette in the US state of Louisiana, announced the plans to create and launch a local cryptocurrency, a tool that would boost the technological development of the governmental platforms and the third-party investments in the town. According to local media sources, Robideaux presented the proposal during the […]