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Bithumb, One of the Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea Was Attacked by Hackers

Bithumb, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, suffered a hacker attack on June 19th this year. During the attack, around 30 million US dollars in cryptocurrencies were robbed from the accounts. The information about the attack was published by the company on its official Twitter account. Bithumb informed the public about […]

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The SEC Confirms Ether is Not a Security, But What is the Opinion of the Blockchain Ecosystem?

After the Director of the Division of Corporation Finance of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), William Hinman, a few days ago announced that ether (ETH) was not a financial security, various experts from the blockchain ecosystem started expressing their opinions regarding the subject. Peter Van Valkenburgh, lawyer and the Director of research […]

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Argentinian Blockchain Artist Thinks it is Possible to Redefine the Exchange of Value by Combining Cryptocurrencies and Art

Nanu Berks, an artist from Argentina who decided to start working on the blockchain art three years ago says that the art is something visual, tangible, that inspires curiosity in the people. Moreover, she thinks the art wants to communicate and hook up with the new and emerging technologies that are changing the world, such […]

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The Sia Blockchain Network Now Allows the Users to Stream Videos Stored in the Network

Sia is a blockchain platform for decentralized cloud storage and it has recently released a new release that includes several updates, among which the main addition is the ability to stream videos over local network. The new version is called v1.3.3 and its release was announced on the official Sia Twitter account: “Sia v1.3.3 release […]

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Ethereum Classic Takes Off After the Announcements Made by Binance and Coinbase

After the high losses from last Sunday and the apparent stability of the cryptocurrency market in the last few days, Ethereum Classic (ETC) experimented a strong revalorization. This was triggered by the removal of the difficulty bomb that took place last week, as well as by the announcements made this Monday by Coinbase and Binance. […]

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Bitcoin Drops to Less Than 6,500 Dollars Per Coin During the New Drop of the Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market lost around 10% of the total market capitalization yesterday and then stabilized at around 300 billion dollars. Today, however, the total market capitalization dropped to 267.8 billion dollars, which presents another drop of almost 10% in the last 24 hours. The price of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, dropped below 6,500 […]

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Six Projects for Decentralized Social Networks Based on the Blockchain Technology

Thanks to the capacity to execute all types of applications and establish smart contracts using the blockchain technology, new companies have immense possibilities at their disposal to create innovative solutions for all kinds of industries and the massive communications is not an exception. The changes brought by the appearance of internet and the social networks […]

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Processing Power of the Bitcoin Blockchain Network has Increased Rapidly in the Last Several Weeks

Bitcoin, the main blockchain network in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, continues with to grow constantly. The processing power of the Bitcoin network experimented an accelerated growth in the las period, at a much faster rate than other cryptocurrencies with high levels of adoption. In the last two weeks, the processing capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain network […]